Colon Hydrotherapy In Hendersonville Nc

Pain-Free Colon Hydrotherapy is offered in Hendersonville NC.
You don’t have to suffer from constipation or other lower intestinal problems anymore. At Sage Wellness Center, our colon hydrotherapy treatments in Hendersonville NC are gentle and pain-free. Get the relief you deserve today!
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Thorough Preparation For Colon Hydrotherapy In Hendersonville Nc

  • Plan for an hour to be completely ready for your 40 minute session.
  • Drink lots of water the day before.
  • Don’t eat or drink anything for 2 hours before your appointment.
  • Expect 6 – 9 treatment sessions to see results.
  • Avoid dairy, red meats, and carbs the day before, if possible.
  • Keep yourself relaxed!

Additional Information About The Process

Colon hydrotherapy cleans out colons that are about 7 feet long by using a filtered water system with a light pressure. This filter system goes in and cleans out your entire colon. In addition, your lymphatic system will be cleaned out to prepare for the procedure.
You won’t experience any pain from this treatment, and the procedure itself has been around for thousands of years in different forms. You can even request our mind clearing technique for an extra $15 for a 15 minute session of relaxation.

Office Hours

Each practitioner has their own schedule. It is best to call to make an appointment with a specific provider.
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I am so grateful I found Dr. Marie Andersson– she is so loving, caring, and competent. It’s delightful to get a good night’s sleep again! Sincere thanks for your help!
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